Gennaio 2018

Heiskanen, Born and Thomas see some investment treaty breach in Czech solar case, but debate over remedies in held over for separate phase.

Marco Torsello is the new partner of ArbLit, the Italian boutique specialized in international litigation. Marco joined ArbLit in 2014 as Of Counsel, and he is now the fourth partner of the Firm, leading the Litigation department and operating from its offices in Milan and Bologna.

Monday, March 12 2018 in Madrid Prof. Massimo Benedettelli, partner of ArbLit and professor of international law at the “Aldo Moro” University of Bari, will speak on “Human rights as a litigation tool in international arbitration” at a meeting organized by FIDE – Foundation for Research in Law and Business, a Spanish foundation whose purpose is the integration between legal profession and the business world.