Luglio 2019

ArbLit achieves five listings in the 2019 Who’s Who ranking featuring the leading Italian arbitration specialists.


Luca Radicati di Brozolo wins extensive praise from market commentators who consider him “extremely knowledgeable in investment arbitration” and hail him as “one of the best Italian arbitrators”.

Michele Sabatini is a “very hands-on and extremely hard-working” lawyer, effuse peers who add he “understands the construction business and has a great experience in international arbitration”.

Massimo Benedettelli is a renowned name in the Italian market who has over 30 years of experience acting as counsel, chairman and sole arbitrator in domestic and international proceedings.

Emilio Bettoni is a “diligent lawyer who is attentive to details” say sources, adding that he is “a specialist in arbitration matters but he also has amazing technical knowledges about the most typical problems of a construction projects”.

Flavio Ponzano is a well-regarded figure among peers who describe him as “a great young lawyer”. His expertise lies in international construction, commercial and energy disputes.