ArbLit is an international dispute resolution boutique law firm.

Cross-border disputes should be handled only by experienced lawyers with specific know-how and recognized reputation.

ArbLit was created in 2013 based on this premise and was the first Italian firm focused exclusively on arbitration and litigation. We immediately became internationally recognized as leading arbitration players and now also as a prominent litigation practice.

We have been involved in various capacities in more than one hundred high-profile and often ground-breaking commercial and investor-State disputes in all parts of the world. Recently, due to the growing number of disputes in Spanish in which we have been involved, we set up a Spanish and Latin American desk.

Our ability to offer the full range of dispute resolution related services is enhanced by our extensive global network of premier league law firms, practitioners, arbitrators, academics, arbitral institutions, and forensics experts.

We are committed to excellence and efficiency. Each assignment is for us a project on its own, which we carefully manage in close cooperation with clients always keeping in mind their need to balance costs with benefits. We create lean dedicated teams tailored to the complexity and size of the case. This, together with the use of the most advanced technologies, allows us to offer clients competitive and bespoke fee arrangements. We assist in the search for third-party funding, including by providing detailed and authoritative assessments of the case.

Our lawyers have different nationalities and legal backgrounds and blend perfectly into a diverse, multilingual and stimulating work environment.

ArbLit is the go-to firm in Italy for the resolution of any kind of cross-border commercial dispute.