July 2021

ArbLit, with a team composed by partners Marco Torsello and Massimo Benedettelli, senior associate Federica Serrantoni and associate Gregorio Baldoli, has drafted the Italian chapter of The Legal 500: Litigation Country Comparative Guide, the go-to publication for comparative and cross-border litigation. Thanks to its “Q&A” format and hands-on approach, ArbLit’s guide is meant to assist foreign parties, attorneys and in-house counsel with navigating the waters of litigation in Italy and avoiding certain recurring pitfalls.

On 1 July 2021, ARBLIT’s partner Massimo Benedettelli has been reappointed by the ICC World Council to serve as the Italian member of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC for the term 2021-2024.


In a press release of 5 July 2021, Massimo stated: “I am honored for the decision taken by the ICC World Council, which decided to renew my term in the ICC Court for another three years by appointing me as a member for Italy, to be now joined by my friend Ferdinando Emanuele who enters the Court as an alternate member. Italy boasts a community of arbitrators, lawyers, and international arbitration law experts of quality and tradition, and an excellent arbitration law, as I hope to have demonstrated in my recent treaty International Arbitration in Italy. This appointment also follows that of Luca Radicati di Brozolo a few years ago as Vice-President of the London Court of International Arbitration and confirms the international recognition of ARBLIT, the only Italian boutique focused on arbitration and cross-border litigation”.